Friday, July 27, 2007

Just canceled my cardboard Vino...

maybe i will order a Cadel Evans instead. Apparently he is rumored over here in Belgium to be the only clean yellow jersey contender at the moment. I'd also like to think that Levi Leipheimer is clean considering there is talk that he is Vegetarian - when he's not vegan at home!

I plan to keep my Tommeke, though. I'd imagine that anyone as outspoken as he's been lately would most likely be drug-free during the Tour. And it helps Boonen's cardboard case that he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easy on the eyes! Yeah, total hottie (if you overlook the mini-mullet action.) On another note, did you know that New York uses the word "shlong" in lieu of "mullet"? It stands for short-long. I found out, though, that this word is not widely used - or rather has another meaning, when I got some bizarre stares after using it in California.

Of course I am not surprised by Vino's positive test and Chicken's departure, but it hurt nonetheless.

I didn't know Vino personally, but I still felt personally betrayed by him. OK, maybe betrayed is a little overdramatic. How about if I call it "disappointed".

To many - including me, Vino was a courageous hero. His aggressive racing style that livened up otherwise dull races (think back to last year's ride into Paris, for instance) was an inspiration. Every time he would attack the charging peloton for the win, it was proof that dreams can come true if you take a chance.

Vino prooved that wheel followers are just that. By following wheels, you will make it to 3rd place on the podium at the TdF - assuming it is a drug-busting year. But if you want that coveted top spot, it takes determination and a truckload of GUTS!

When the news went public that Vino tested positive, I was teary-eyed. Again, I wasn't surprised after watching him pull a Landis (or a Hamilton) two times in the tour to snag those two victories, but I was disappointed. It was as if my belief in him was just a fantasy; maybe it is not possible for dreams to come true when fueled solely with hard work, guts and determination.

Any bets on who will win the tour? Do keep in mind Cadel's sentiment that there is no prize for the highest placed clean rider.


Unknown said...

I feel ya on the Vino. Well put. My mind is already in cross mode, though. A vacation away from Portland and to my family is coming up but I need help! Any favorite trails in Northern Cal for me to take my cross bike during my vacation in the Bay Area the next two weeks? I'll be bringing slicks and cross tires. I know the roads pretty well, but the single track is something I never looked for while growing up there.
Thanks for the great posts.

Big Bad Wolf said...

Yeah, I like(d?) Vino too, but how stupid can you be.. I mean, taking a blood transfusion during the TdF..
There seems to be another scandal in the making.. Police has raided the Barloworld hotel and rumours have it Soler is the man they are after. press conference tomorrow at 11am.
I feel sorry for Rasmussen, that guy did not deserve to be taken out of the TdF on the grounds they have revealed at this moment. But perhaps there is more we do not know at this time. He will sue Rabobank and Theo De Rooy for sure.
Cadel , yeah, lets hope he gets it, Contador is seemingly implicated in the Fuentes scandal although he looks innocent enough (they all do don't they)