Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lievin World Cup & VegNews Magazine Coverage

I'd write all about the race but i wasn't actually there. It was almost better that i wasn't there because i got more media coverage that way! I was mentioned, along with only five other women, in the coverage. Even though the mention was for not starting, it did make me feel good that i wasn't forgotten so quickly!

And on a more exciting topic, if you go to your nearest bookstore and pick up a VegNews magazine you can read about me! Yippidy-friggin-doo-dah - what an honor!!!

The story I'm in is called:

"Extreme Vegan Athletes

Vegan athletes are taking on the competition and kicking butt with plant-based power!"

And if you do find a vegnews mag, can you tell me what it looks like? it's not sold here in Belgium.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Hey Christine, how are you ?
That's a long time I didn't heart from you ...
Do you start your cycling season in Belgium ?
If so the first race is Wieze Lebekke.
Here is the link voor de inscrijvingen ;-)

See you soon


PEANUT said...

hey adeline:
I am supposed to be in NYC on media tour at that time but if not, then maybe i'll race. It depends on if i find a team to guest-ride for in RVV (tour of flanders.) If i find a team, then most likely i will start road racing as soon as possible! Will you do RVV?

gwadzilla said...


I have testing a combination of hangovers and junk food to balance my inability to train

we are who we are
some say we are what we eat

PEANUT said...

And why can't you train? Those emergen-C packets work quite well for hangovers. Oh and homemade blueberry pancakes do wonders as well - or maybe that one is just psychosomatic since maple syrup is like liquid crack for me.