Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You can't see it when you're in it

Almost every day at this time of year in Belgium, multitudes of storms sweep through the countryside, taking the sun hostage for just long enough to drop the temperature below freezing.

But unlike all the other days of riding in this rather dismal weather, Jonas and I had a master plan to beat it.

First part of the plan was to stay dry for the first 30 seconds. There is nothing worse than starting a ride in the rain. We sat in the house, fully kitted, helmets donned, waiting for the sun to pop out. After about twenty minutes, sun hit the patio, so we sprinted out the door and onto the bikes. Totally worth the time spent overheating indoors.

The second phase of our plan was to avoid the storms. Shortly after we left the house, we realized this was going to be harder than we envisioned. Our little sunny patch was completely surrounded by a circular wall of storm. Determined to stay dry, we kept our eyes fixed on the skies. Finally an opening. No words spoken, we headed for the exit that should take us to blue skies.

Just as we thought we had outsmarted mother nature, it started to hail on our heads. We never saw it coming. And even when we were in it, we couldn't see it! Thankfully neither one of us had complete faith in our weather navigation skills so we were prepared with rain jackets! I just can't wait until spring!!!

I hear california is enjoying beautiful weather. I hate you all.


Big Bad Wolf said...

*grin* I know what you are talking about.. these days you have to be lucky to stay dry.. and come prepared for all kind of weather.. its gonna snow over easter . Offroad its even worse, you might as well roll yourself and your bike in a deep mud puddle for a while, same result. Everything grinds and creaks, myself included..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what happens when they come to race in Belgium in the spring??? If you can ride in those you are prepared for anything...

All part of the Mental preparation.

I'm totally with you on the not starting a ride wet though. It's always easier to bear if it starts to rain once you are on the road!


PEANUT said...

It's almost noon and i'm sitting here having my warm bowl of whole grains with french-pressed coffee while looking out the window at a sunny sky that just replaced the thick dark hail two minutes ago. Maybe a second cup of coffee will give me the courage to go outside for a ride. Every day, every day, every day.

Anonymous said...

Go on get out there! Before the next cloud burst!

Jen said...

Oh, man! Stay dry(ish). I've been hailed on before on my bike and it is NOT fun! (Especially when they sound the tornado sirens and you're busting ass to get home safe as quickly as possible. Ah, Iowa!)