Monday, June 29, 2009

Holy Crap Table !!!!

The dice were not on my side this week. My yahoo account was hijacked and sent "casino" spam to my 935 address book contacts. I am feeling like a big loser at the moment.

What surprises me most about the whole experience was some of the responses i got.

Here's my top 10 countdown:

10. "Always bet on black."

9. "New writing job? Hit me!"

8. "I've been looking for more info about how to work from home and play casino games..."

7. "Could you explain this to me? I could never remember all those situations. (in BlackJack). Are you doing this?"

6. "Yep, you are now a cyclocross goddess *and* a gambling queen! :-)"

5. "diverting from the porn sites - or is this how you afford to visit them?"

4. "I just won three bucks!"

3. "Christine, you moved from Vegan to Vegas apparantly..."

2. "do i get a free cocktail with every visit?"

1. "how fucking sad to get this kinda crap from someone i used to have respect for".

I am so sorry to all of you who received the spam. And thanks a bunch for your understanding and humor.


Rickie Rainwater said...

I was pretty sure you flipped out or finally came out of the Closet about your gambling habit. I'm so gulable, that I actually check out the link... ha! I'm still your biggest fan. Don't worry, I won't tell chocolate or Coe Coe about your gambling habit if you won't tell Nemo, that I drink most of the chocolate milk in the refrigerator when she isn't looking.

Anonymous said...

Love number 1!

I checked out the link and have subsequently won my fortune. So, I'm off to the Carribean for the duration. Need a sponsor for next year??? I'm picturing you in a '15-ball' kit... a la Tim Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Damn... lost it all.
Gambling? It's a mugs game!

Any one got a cheap room for rent?

PEANUT said...

hey rickie
i am not sure how those spam things work so do be sure to do a virus/trojan scan on your computer. So sorry you got that spam!
Hey chris - too funny but it is true from what i've heard that you can lose everything in a single moment. For many years, my father used to go to the casino for a few weeks a year. He would take out a $50,000 loan the moment he got there so the casino would always give him a free executive suite, free food, free show tickets and since he didnt gamble he'd take the money and immediately deposit it into a safe until check-out where he'd hand the money back. The most i ever gambled was a quarter - and WON a dollar. I gave one quarter to my friend who i was with and two to the buffet cashier.