Monday, November 16, 2009

Superprestige Gavere Race Report

My race report was just posted in CYCLOCROSS Magazine's site including photos.  You can read all about it HERE. 

Be forewarned that the article is VERY dirty. teehee.
And on a side note, my teammate Veerle Ingels looked the strongest i have seen her all season! She finished in 11th!! Seems like she is working her way up to top form in time for the big racing blocks to come.

(photo courtesy of Mario Yskout)


Anonymous said...

So Christine are muddy courses your favourites???

Awesome report as always, pretty cool photo's too! Especially the one of your tan lines ;) Really, are girls allowed to get that dirty???

Funny about Klaas Vantornout’s rear wheel, did he notice before he remounted. Glad that girl got caught cutting the corner though... Unbelievable that she even tried!

Hey, and what about that Veerle Ingels, eh?

thanks for sharing :)

Amy said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying your season, the dirtier the better!

PEANUT said...

yeah i like hard courses Chris! Klaas turned around, took one look and kept on running. Veerle is a super athlete! glad to have her as a teammate.
Thanks amy! I went to the british shop today and thought of you as i grabbed some bagels.

Big Bad Wolf said...

Hey Peanut.. looks like you are already well into enjoying another season of muddy pleasures.. will try to stop by more frequently in the next weeks..