Friday, February 26, 2010

And More post-season parties after Hasselt Indoor CX race

I finally finished my last hard effort on the cyclocross bike for the season.  It was at an "exhibition" indoor race in an arena in Hasselt, Belgium.  I never knew exhibitions could hurt so much! It was two days ago and i can still barely walk around normally from the pain in my legs. Part of it is from doing a somersault in the sand pit when i t-boned a gal who crashed right in front of me and the other part was maybe from all the running, jumping, etc...or from the extended post-race time of standing on my feet in celebration of the season's end.

You can read all about it HERE on the CYCLOCROSS Magazine website.  It is complete with photos.  You can also find additional photos on my facebook page for your amusement!

Tomorrow is the last time the Zannata cross bike goes out for a stroll.  I am taking it to the retirement race for 3x World Champion Erwin Vervecken.  A few of us racer chicks are on a heated discussion on facebook as to whether or not we will race it with skinsuits or do the cyclotourist thing.  I told jonas i will do what he does that way i dont have to decide. But maybe if all the gals go with one-pieces i may join in. Wanna come too?


Amy said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying the end of the season!

rich said...

Hey Christine,
The Frites en Mayo guys are coming over to Belgium for the Classics week. We need to know of some great places to watch the races from. We are staying in Kortrijk for 2 weeks.

Any help would be great.


Frites en Mayo Veloclub

PEANUT said...

Hey Rich:
so sorry, i just got your note now! I guess you are already here? or on your way?
regarding rvv, the koppenberg is of course the most spectacular of all the climbs. It is the same climb (although only half of it) that is used for koppenbergcross. If you have any specific questions let me know!! What is your schedule like? there are a few other americans here the same time. maybe we can do a big group ride. jonas and i are staying near stoumont (ardennes) from 2-9 april which is a great place to ride. We are right near climbs like rosier and la redoute - both on liege-bastogne-liege course.