Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the news, on TV and finally back on the bike

As of a few days ago, I am finally back on the bike. It is hard to tell my level of fitness (which I expect is not too high at the moment with three weeks off the bike) but I dont care at this time of year.

Regarding the injuries, they are definitely improving.  I started physical therapy in Leuven yesterday at the same place where Tom Boonen goes from what i hear, so they should be good enough for me!

I told them i no longer want to feel like a piece of wet smushed spaghetti on the bike. They both nodded and told me they had just the plan for me - yippee!!

Today, for the first time since that fateful day in Zolder, I feel hopeful - that i can be great again ;-) (ok, well maybe i was never great but "good" is great with me!)

In the news: I came across an article on where they included some quotes from me. I love their site so that was a huge honor. Click HERE for the link.

AND as for my tv appearance, when i find out more about it, i will let you know.

Thanks for reading!!


Amy said...

Oh how exciting - be sure to let me know so we can watch!
See you tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

How are things going Christine?

Hope you are not feeling like a "wet smushed spaghetti" anymore :)