Friday, September 2, 2011

First CX Race - present but not ready

Tomorrow i race my first cyclocross event of the season. It is a low-key race  - in fact it is so low key that the organizers can't bother to list the word "women" on their program even though i am sure they like when we show up. But this is Belgium - a reminder that i am no longer in the USA where women racers are given a lot of respect.

Here instead they have a handful of women-dedicated supporters (those who come out specifically to cheer for women or come out early to the races to catch the women take off just before the elite men). There are also a couple of race organizers here who find women worth highlighting.   We females are forever grateful to their support!! And their support seems to be spreading to others who are now taking interest in female racing which of course helps the sport to grow faster.

Oops. I am off the topic. Yes, tomorrow is my first crosss race. Thankfully it is purely just for training as I am not especially ready for the speeds just yet considering i started training again on the bike about a month ago.  I also have not received my new STEVENS bikes yet - they come next week, so i will be racing on my heavy bike from last season. But heavy legs, heavy bike and all, i will be there at the start with my typical goofy smile in place, happy to see all those friendly faces who come out to cheer for me!

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Heavy bike from last year! You are so funny :)

Given that 'sex sells' I really don't get the problem with women's races, the big promoters and sponsers surely have a great deal to 'earn' from encouraging it...

I'm sure that you, Katie and Georgia and other US girls will soon crack it :)

Have a great race, even it is training... actually those are usually the most fun, when the pressure is off.

Big Bad Wolf said...

Hey, that background picture on your blog is so intense. Great shot - kudos to the photog.

PEANUT said...

Hey C - i spoke with the organizer yesterday and he had no idea it made a difference to advertise a women's race on their site. He said he will change it shortly. They also had a separate womens' race, prize list and podium so that was super cool. I will do another one of their series races next week now!
it was a good race. I got 2nd. yippee. it was a small race but even so, a podium is a podium. haha.
@Adri - it is taken by Krist Vanmelle thanks. He does a lot of my trading card shots. I think maybe you saw the lotto one. He did that one too (if it was the cyclocross version of lotto, and not the road version.)