Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am just back from GVA Essen - our first real mud race of the season! I finished 13th - again, i suppose its not so bad considering yet another lackluster start. must work on this somehow...
Anyway, since i have to get ready for the Namen World Cup tomorrow BUT wanted to update you on what i've been up to the last weeks, i figured it's easiest to give you a link to my CYCLOCROSS Magazine update online that was just published yesterday. Hope the stories help you to feel you've "been in the basket" through all my adventures including my mid-season trip to southern spain! Here is the LINK.

What wasnt included in the article is a link to the article i just wrote about Orange Babies Cycling Team - a pro cross team that promotes a non-profit (helps pregnant African HIV+ mothers and their babies). Here is the LINK.

And here is another link to the Het Nieuwsblad photo gallery give you an idea what our first muddy race of the season was like. if you look at the photos in the mid-30's you'll see my big head! CLICK HERE.


Anonymous said...

13th is an awesome result Christine!
Thanks for the links :) and for pictures of your big head.

Happy new year to you and Jonas!


Anonymous said...

Way to Go Champ! Best in the New Year to you and Jonas too.