Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jersey Auction for 7-yr old kid

There is an Ebay auction of top CX stars' signed jerseys for a physically challenged 7 yr old boy so he can have a special bike and know what it feels like to ride like the wind like we all do!!! 

Want to help him to know the feeling you get every time you get on your bike?

Help to get him out riding!

Check it out and bid! Jerseys of ME, Margriet Kloppenburg, Gabby Day Helen Wyman Sanne Cant Marianne Vos Daphny van den Brand, Jonathan Page Christine Vardaros Sven Nys, Zdeněk Štybar Niels Albert and many more!


Thanks in advance for  your help!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just setting up an eBay account. I'm on to it :)

Hmmm Daphny or Christine???

PEANUT said...

well, you have a much better chance of winning mine for a low price :-)))))

Unknown said...

Hey, chr15, you go ahead and bid on Daphny's. I'm gonna go for the cool jersey.

PEANUT said...

Thanks Chris! tell me if you win one of the jerseys! I sure am looking forward to seeing the kid's bike once it is made. I will post photos of that!

PEANUT said...

HAHAHA! Thanks M! that made me laugh! and thanks M and C for your offer to bid on a jersey!! super mega cool of you!!!!!