Saturday, October 5, 2013

Today I gutted myself...

to finish the motorpacing workout that Amy Dombroski never got to complete two days ago.  
Even though I can only dream of having the talent that Amy had, I rode faster today behind that scooter than I had ever ridden.   By the end, I was completely empty – both physically and emotionally. 

My upcoming cross season is dedicated to Amy.  As I tackle almost all the races she had on her schedule, I will keep her  in my thoughts.  Every pedalstroke I will be sure to relish - in her spirit of “play”.  This is the very least I can do for a truly exceptional person -  like no other.   

When she was first planning to take on the Belgian cross scene a few years ago, I happily helped her out with some of the logistics as I had been there…done that.  We had a special bond as two of the three Americans (the 3rd is Jonathan Page who helped me in fact) who sacrificed lots to follow that dream of being Belgian-based for the cross season.  As I know how difficult it can be to make that happen, I had much respect for her courage and conviction. She fought hard and remained strong, even when it got tough and lonely here on the other side of the world.   In such a short period of time, it was amazing to see what worldwide impact she’s had – all the folks she’s touched - while following her dreams.   xxx


Paul said...

Thanks, Christine. Amy always spoke highly of you. She was a great source of pride for us. She will be sorely missed.


PEANUT said...

Thanks for your kind words Paul. It still makes me ill knowing I'm not going to be giving her my usual bear hug, welcoming her back to Belgium. And no more laughs with her at the races here. I do feel lucky that I got to play with her for the last couple of years though.

Anonymous said...

Soudal Jaarmarktcross Niel 2013

Good stuff Champ!

Anonymous said...

Soudal Jaarmarktcross Niel 2013

Good Stuff Champ!

Anonymous said...

bpost bank trofee - GP Hasselt 2013

Go Again Champ!

You inspired.

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful tribute Christine.

Steve said...

Just discovered you Christine - loved the video! I am vegan, just under a year now and so much has changed for me. I lost 31kg and can now run 5km up a hill (I am now 49 and feel I have regained my energy that I had at 29 - LOL)

The full story is on my website (

I am now taking up cycling, bite size pieces at a time, I pick up my first bike today sometime - the first in 30 years!

You continue to be an inspiration Christine!

Steve (Malaysia)

PEANUT said...

@ Don, thanks for your kinds words about Niel. :-)
@Chris - thanks. Since then i had collected a couple more Amy stickers for my bike. :-)
@Steve - soooo great to hear about your vegan transformation!! And how much fun you're getting a bike again after 30 years. Reading your story is inspirational for ME! Thanks!