Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peanut Makes the News Again!

I just found out that my name is mentioned in the same article as Maarten Tjallingii, one of Holland's most famous cyclists - and recently voted Holland's Most Famous Vegetarian. As of 2009, he is racing on Lars Boom's Rabobank Team.

The article is about famous vegetarians in the pro cycling peloton.

Just in case you want to check out the article, here is the link.

And here is the paragraph from

Verder vinden we nog de namen van de Amerikaan Jonathan Boyer, de Australiƫr Alan Peiper, de Engelsman Sean Yates (dit wordt op een andere plek tegengesproken) en de Amerikaanse veldrijdster Christine Vardaros. Boyer stond bekend als een nieuwlichter. In het begin van de jaren tachtig nam hij een Zuid-Koreaanse acupuncturiste mee naar de Ronde van Frankrijk, wat voor enige opschudding zorgde in het peloton.

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Anonymous said...

Nice little article. It's kind of embarrassing, in a way, that one counts as a revolutionary simply by not scarfing down charred severed animal limbs. Gosh, in the old days you had to endure imprisonment by the imperial oligarchs or invent a new vaccine or announce that certain celestial bodies might not, in fact, orbit the earth. I knew Mr Yates a little during his racing days, and I can state with absolute conviction that, based on his aggressiveness, indefatigable resolve, and sheer strength, if you wanted to insure the combative integrity of, say, your conquering army, you would never, ever serve animal products in the mess hall.
-- E.C. Chamberlain

Rickie Rainwater said...

There is this man who is riding in the Tour Down Under, a Raw Vagan. People's reactions vary. Personally, I try not to be too closed minded considering I spent over half my life trying to kill myself, with Alcohol and Dope.
Your biggest fan,

PEANUT said...

Thanks rickie - i know the organization he races for. They are called organic athlete. in fact i am a spokesperson (pro-activist) for them. website is Much of my diet is raw since i do believe it is a healthier way to eat but i couldnt do it full-time since it is too much work when traveling> Well, another benefit of the guy's diet is that nobody gets hurt for his sport. (i kill my vegetables) :-)

Anonymous said...

Kick arse in Roubaix, Christine :)