Friday, May 1, 2009

I dont see the problem...

"WHAT'S THAT? You're not coming from SPAR?!?" (Spar is a supermarket here in Belgium)

This was Jonas' response when he took a look at my newly installed saddle bag. Even when i showed him all the necessities inside, he still thought the bag was way too big. That's OK because when his bike falls apart, he'll be thankful I brought a roll of duct tape and electrical tape to wrap it back together. And the gloves and handywipes will keep my hands clean while i do the work.

He says he will ride 200 meters behind me when i use my saddle bag. If he does that, then it's only fair that i do the same when he wears his authentic Humphrey Bogart pants to his nipples!


Phil said...

Now those pants are a fashion statement! Bikes are transportation for me. When I take mine out for some exercise, the bike lock is still on the handlebars and my tires are 700x32 slicks. Next is a basket on the front. Every CX bike should have one! Hang on while I chase those danged kids off my lawn !-)

PEANUT said...

Now is the basket for tossing the kids into? I'd love one for shopping. I want the Mega Mindy model.