Thursday, May 14, 2009

Packing Day

I just finished my ride (just beat the thunder/lightning/rainstorm home) and now it's time to pack for my flight tomorrow to NYC. I havent really gotten excited about it yet, but that is what packing is for. It gets me in the spirit.

The only part of preparation i am not excited about is cutting my hair. I really tried to get my hair cut here a few times but i am always left looking scary. One time they shaved my beard with a straight edge - i didnt even know i had one until i saw the blond fuzz float to the ground. Another time i was left with a mullet. The worst was when they gave me a hardcore "dont bother looking at me as i am gay" haircut. What made it even more amusing is that for months afterwards (according to my male friend who sees the same guy) he bragged to all his customers that he has a gay pro cyclist as a client. Even with all the bad experiences, i still considered getting my hair cut at a salon since it is a little uncomfortable to lift my arm due to the rib incident. But I got my ribs taped yesterday by my therapist and thankfully it seems to help a bit!

Off I go!


Anonymous said...

Have fun and enjoy :)
Maybe you should get your hair cut in NYC?

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine, sorry to hear of your rib injury. That sucks! Have a great talk in NYC.

btw; For two years, while you weren't around, I found a #2 blade was workable and maybe youthful. Now I go to the Salon too. haha.

Had a few bids on the skin suits, no takers.

Rickie Rainwater said...

Thanks for the reminder, I need a haircut. Yes, I have hair!! It is just very fine, kind of like "Angel Hair." I must have missed the rib injury event. Ouch. About the rib injury list, I'm sure I would put up with a little rib discomfort for one of those orgasism thingys.... ha. Have a nice time in NY. As always, your biggest fan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine, Thank You for coming to NYC for the parade! Here are some photos for your viewing from our site, you need any take them there are few of you!

Anonymous said...

Hope the 'rally' went well and you rocked your speech :)

How are those ribs holding up?

Anonymous said...

I looked at the pictures.

Looks like the rally was well supported and organised.

Well done!

The guys on bike got a lot of coverage.