Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Team Zannata-Champion System gets first BIG-TIME Press

Daily Peloton was the first to publish our Team's Inaugural Press Release.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christine, it's great to know a little more about your team.

It must be great to get such enthusiastic backing this season, allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff. And to be involved in an exciting new team along with first year sponsor.

Good luck Christine (and Veerle - how do you pronouce that?) and best wishes you and your team (for this season and many more to come).

Now, to get my hands on on of those 'Hanka' gold chains and those, reserved for 'bike porn' only, brakes :)

PEANUT said...

Thanks chris! you pronounce her name how it is written - haha. that is a hard one to explain. The first part of her name veer rhymes with fair, then add the le as it would be pronounced in french. Accent is on the veer. does that make sense?