Sunday, February 14, 2010

Krawatencross and ECOPOP talk update on CYCLOCROSS Magazine

I finally got around to submitting my article to CYCLOCROSS Magazine on my action packed weekend. CLICK HERE to read all about it.

Oh, and my interview with Zdenek Stybar is published in the newest CYCLOCROSS Magazine.  Very good stuff!

And did i mention already that Jonas got a couple of new toys recently? the first is a fancy camera that takes awesome action shots. The other toy is the Garmin Edge 705 GPS bundle. He is super excited and has been playing with it all day long for the last week. We've even gone on a couple of downloaded rides already.

(photo of me by Dirk Verhelst, photo of jonas by Florent Bouchat)

This weekend was a week off from racing since Saturday's event was "too small" to support a womens event and Sunday's race was Superprestige which isnt particularly supportive of women - not yet.  Instead Jonas and I joined our friends Ronny (pro mtb racer), and Tony (who has a mtb that weighs only 7kg) for a mountain bike cyclotourist tour.  What a blast! They must have had at least 1000 riders show up to play in the snow and ice.  For a good part of the tour we didnt even have to pedal as we'd just slide along on the ice. 

On a side note, I ran into another cyclocross racer at the start - Nicole de Bie.  I finally got to find out how she went from crap to superstar all in one season. Turns out she and her husband bought a house and they'd been working day and night on it, making her exhausted and giving her no time to train. But now that the house is done she is on fire.  Maybe jonas and i need to do some major renovations on the house and time the project to end just before the next cross season begins.  

My last official races of the season are this weekend. It'll be a bitter sweet time. But thanks to the Erwin Bolt Uit event the following saturday I wont have too get too emotional over the season end.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christine :)
Hope your last races of the season went well.

So how'd did you find your first season with your team? Are they going to support you through the road season too? I hope so.

Haven't been around for a while, due to a little incident in a local sportive requiring a trip to the Emergency Room and several broken ribs. Ouchie. I'm back on the trainer again so on the mend. Probably a couple of weeks before I'm back on the road again though. Loads of riders were complaining about the event being run on such icey roads (like yours, skates may have been more use than cleats) but it was a front tyre puncture (at 38mph) that ruined my day.

How's Jonas finding that Garmin? I keep toying with the idea but then keep remembering how I like to keep things simple, but then the OCD voice comes back and reminds me how I like to record every detail, i must admit I'd love to beable to analise my training in such detail.

PEANUT said...

Ooh. broken ribs. I did that twice this year. that totally sucks. Glad to hear you are recovering well.
Jonas is liking his garmin. still playing with it nonstop. It has so many options even trying to figure out what numbers to display on his screen while riding is a big to-do every time. It is nice to be able to download a route and just follow it without having to think about where to ride.