Saturday, August 9, 2008

Did you know there is a new CX BOOK?

I just found this in

Cyclo-cross skills in print

Cyclo-cross has become increasingly popular in the United States and other countries outside of its traditional base in Northern Europe. With that comes the need for instruction on the highly technical discipline, and the gap has been filled by Colorado coach Scott Mares.

Mares, who has been running the American Cycling Associations' (ACA) cyclo-cross camps for nine years has helped to produce more than a dozen national champions and even a silver at the junior worlds championships.

"The Complete Book of Cyclo-cross, Skill Training and Racing" will be available on line at on September 1. The book will retail for $20.00. The web site is full of information about the book and the author including a sample chapter from the book.

I have crossed paths with Scott Mares a couple of times so it was exciting to see he has a book out. Now to see if they ship to belgium...


Rickie Rainwater said...

Hey Christine,
I use to really love mountain biking and kept at it, even though it was excruciatingly painful to race at such a high tempo, especially in the Arkansas heat. I figured I could suffer for free, even though I still remember my most memomrable win, which was third in a two day race. We were presented with tall drinking glasses which were engraved with the name of the race and the level. I rode 61.2 miles today and documented my ride on my blog.
I can't seem to control image placement, so I just gave up and posted what I could. My right leg around my knee or joint area feels like I have little tendion itis, but this has been a problem when I climb too hard especially on steep climbs.
If I was a cross racer, I would want to lobby to illiminate the sand traps. Wow, what a drag, but I guess that is part of what makes it such an intense challenge. I'm pretty sure I would rack myself just trying to jump off my bike and run like you guys do.

I will probably get a skin suit next week, but different manufacturers sizes are different. Later, I might try a cross suit for the cooler months.

PEANUT said...

i checked out your site rickie. i see you gotta learn how to more effectively post photos - funny!