Monday, August 4, 2008

I need your HELP in winning a contest with VegNews Magazine

Can you PLEASE take a minute to vote for me in the VegNews Magazine Awards Contest that is taking place NOW through end of August.

I am still on trial with the magazine as a fitness columnist so it would be great to win their contest.

Click on this link to get there. Just vote or skip the other contests to get to the "Favorite Vegan Athlete" section.

THANKS SO MUCH! Your help is really appreciated.

On another topic, I just finished my last road race of the season. No win but really good form. Wow, what a difference from only two months ago. I had a really good feeling that my fitness is elevated to a high enough level from the road season that I expect (assuming i stay clear of head injuries) to have a decent cyclo-cross season. What a relief. Now I just can't wait for cross season to begin.

But first it's off to the Ardennes for a few days of camping. We are headed to a town in Belgium called Bouillon -which, to an american ear seems a bizarre name for a town. Every time i hear the name i can't help but to think soup. I can understand naming a town SPA since the SPA water theoretically comes from there but Bouillon is just wrong. After racing 9 events in 12 days i really look forward to a few days off the bike and on foot. Just got my custom orthodics so i am ready to go.

Thanks again for voting for me on the VegNews site.

AND thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...


Consider it done, added a short comment singing your praises in the box at the end too!

Enjoy your break and find out why Bouillon is named such whilst you are there please, we are dying to know.

Have a great time, and I hope the weather is good. :)

PEANUT said...

thanks chr15. And i will try and find out the origin of the name.

Jeff said...

Love your column in vegnews. Good luck! And good luck with cross season. Watch your head this year.

Jeff said...

Oops - forgot to mention that I voted for you. Good luck again!

Rickie Rainwater said...

Well Chirstine,
Since I am so shy and didn't feel like writing in my favorite Spam recipe, I voted for you, and added a comment that I love your column. I actually did enjoy your column, the one you published on your blog, and I sencerly think you are an extremely intelligent and gifted writer. While I am on the air sort of... I was wondering what brand of skin bicylcing suit to get. I would actually like to try out a tri suit that has some pockets and a camois. I am thinking about a short sleeve time trial or tri suit, kind of like Brooke Miller wore in her last win, but obvious for a man. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I am definitely doing the 100 miler for the Tour de Cure. Though not a race, I do know that several race teams do it as an informal race. I have the overwhelming desire to kick some ass just one time.
Old man Rainwater.

PEANUT said...

thanks jeff!
And rickie, i don't think there are much choice when it comes to plain bicycling skinsuits without logos, but if you have the option I really enjoyed my verge skinsuit as well as my bioracer ones. Oh and a giordana one i had a long time ago was equally as comfy. Best of luck kicking the butts of those youngens.

Anonymous said...

Rickie: I have a Verge skinsuit, it feels great. As for trisuits I race in a Louis Garneau but also have Sugoi, both feel really comfortable, the Louis Garneau is a little less forgiving if you have a penchant for cakes however.

I was thinking it would be cool to get a VK skinsuit for the cross-season. Does Dave do them in Mens sizes too???

GCDavid said...

Prince Fielder is a vegan? Are you kidding me? Have you seen pictures of Prince Fielder? He's as big as three houses. His dad, Cecil Fielder, is also a big guy, so maybe there's no escaping genetics. But you might think about leaving him off of the brochure.

Although he does act as a nice counter-example to that guy working behind the counter at the health food store who has thinning curly hair and looks anemic. You know that guy. Can also be seen on yoga shows with that blond with the big you-know-whats.

GCDavid said...

Oh, and as a triathlete, tri skinsuits often have no sleeves (for swimming) and very thin chamois. So I don't know if that is the option you want. But I do agree with Christine that the Verge suits are pretty sweet looking. Our club uses Capo Forma, and I like my skinsuit.

Amy said...

Have fun in Bouillon! We liked the castle there.

Big Bad Wolf said...

hehe, you will no longer think of soup when you are biking up the Semois slopes getting out of bouillon.
Bouillon also is a mountainbikers heaven with 160K of marked trails.
Don't forget to visit the castle of Godfried of Bouillon, famous Belgian (although at that time Belgium didn't exist) in the Holy Wars

PEANUT said...

Thanks for all the helpful feedback on skinsuits for rickie!
Chr15 - feel free to ask dave if he has any large skinsuits left. They are all mens sizes. They fit very well!
I am back from camping in bouillon. I rode by the castle a few times but didnt actually go in. I spent a little too much time inside the castle at la roche en ardenne that i had castle-burnout. But i did spend lots and lots of time on the hiking/mtb trails there. WOW. Unbelievable. i will post photos shortly from the trip.

Mary Schons said...

You've got my vote! And here's hoping you become a regular columnist-- I would love to read it every month. ^__^

Anonymous said...

Consider it done!

PEANUT said...

THanks mary and darren for the vote!