Monday, October 20, 2008

Kalmthout World Cup Coverage

Each monday following the big races that I attend here in Europe, i will be posting race reports on . The mens and womens race coverage from yesterday's Kalmthout World Cup is already up! Go to the SITE and check it out.

Regarding my own race, it was a happy-sad experience. It was happy for the first few minutes as i quickly and steadily made my way up through the peloton from a last row callup. But just as i was thinking that everything was going as planned and was feeling great about it all, a 16 year old girl from Holland named Tessa Van Nieuwpoort racing for Flexpoint crashed directly into me on a presumably single-file sand pit. She broke my front wheel, front brake, front shifter, and left tire tracks up the full length of my shin. I was also left with two badly bruised knees, sprained arm, and a gash on my other shin.

By the time my bike and i wobbled over to the pit to get a spare bike, I was in last place. I tried to get back up to the race but only managed to pass a few racers since by then the gaps were too big. Eventually i rolled in for 30th place.

After the race, I asked Tessa what posessed her to do something so erratic? Her response was, "but i am only 16" and the mother nodded in agreement.

Well, there is always Tabor. We leave Friday and return monday, which means my race report for Cyclocross Magazine may not be up on their site until Tuesday.

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Rickie Rainwater said...

Being 16 isn't a good excuse for what happened. I find your sportmanship and collectiveness very admirable. Actually the whole deal kind of pisses me off and I wasn't even around to witness it. I hope you and coe coe are going to be alright. Don't worry, I'm sure Chocolate can easily pull her weight. Be gentle with your self.

Rickie Rainwater said...

I checked out the cylcocross site. You were extremely impressive. Take care of your bruises. You are going to do really well this year. I can feel it. I know it. If you need a break, I have a brand new one that is still in the box, an Shimano Deore LX gold V break. If you have a PO box or business address, I'll ship it right out. I don't have a bike to put that on and it is just laying around.

erikv said...

I am shaking my head in disbelief. But I am only 16?!?!

Next time, roll up a thick newspaper and smack her in the head with it (post race, of course). Say "No Tessa! No!"

Rickie Rainwater said...

I meant brake. LX V brake, gold version with the noodle.

GCDavid said...

You should put "Your Ad Here" on your uniform (like that American shot putter).

But I'm only 16? That's great. Say what I tell my students: Youth is no excuse for willful ignorance. Oh snap!!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out Georgia's blog
Awesome 'vegan' soup recipe, great for these autumn days

PEANUT said...

Thanks rickie for your very kind offer. Thankfully I am fine for the moment.
I am still shaking my head at that 16 yr old response< ugh.
i will surely check out georgia's blog when i get a chance. tonight was fries with grilled brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Maybe i can blend the leftovers into a soup. haha

Anonymous said...

if it's brakes your after i have some used avid shorty's... lying sadly unused in a corner of my workshop since i changed to TRP's

Anonymous said...

potatoes and brussels an cauliflower... sounds mighty like bubble-and-squeak to me... get frying!!!

Anonymous said...

Good work on getting back to the pit and for finishing the race. For a 'single-file' sand pit she must have been travelling some to do that kind of damage to you and your bike.

Saw the results on Cyclingnews and some pics (none of you - i'm afraid) looks like there were a few injuries amongst the field.

And what about Sven Nys' eye... he walked into a door i hear ;)

PEANUT said...

thanks chr15 - there were pics of me on the site which is doing an excellent job of keeping everyone updated on the cross scene.
Yeah, sven's bike functioned kinda like a door when he smacked into it after a failed bunnyhop over a barrier the day previous.
My friend Elke riedl - austrain nat'l champ also crashed and cut her nose and bruised her cheek.
By the way, the 16 yr old entered the sand pit behind me but not on the single file line. I suppose her grand plan was to pull a sven nys and pass 5 of us through the thick sand. I think she passed a couple before she reached me and crashed directly into my front wheel.
THANKS ever so much for your very kind offer for brakes. I think i salvaged mine for the moment but i do really appreciate the kind gesture. WOW.
And what is a bubble-and-squeak?

Anonymous said...

Sven... Ouch!


I'm old enough to be that girls father and I have learned thet best way to tackle the sand is to get of and shoulder the bike... But I guess that is why I am always DFL.


YW on the brakes... I have so much stuff kicking around from old bikes/upgrades... I guess I could 'pay it forward' or just ebay it!


I haven't had much time on the web recently due to work pressures (they are eating into riding time too, and my stomach lining i think!) so haven't checked out - but i will!

But the 'hard copy' fell onto the mat yesterday... and guess who has TWO features in there???


Bubble and Squeak is an English dish made from leftover veg.,1367,RC.html


place_holder said...

Her response was, "but i am only 16" and the mother nodded in agreement.

Unfortunately, that's a taught response whose effectiveness she is fully aware of, and she will use repeatedly by changing the variable:

"but i am only _____" (e.g. 26, a girl, esl who know no article)

Since her mother is no use, I hope you had a chance to straighten her out. Wish you better luck at Tabor! Open a can of whoopass!

Anonymous said...

You should have told her she'll be lucky if she makes it to 17.

PEANUT said...

Thanks katie! I am working on trying to be meaner to other racers when appropriate. My all too common line unfortunately is still "that wasnt nice". Not exactly fighting words.