Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two Minutes of MTB Fun at Scott Bike Tour

Last Sunday, I took my Ahrens Whole Shot cyclo-cross bike out for a leasurely spin around the neighborhood. What's great about Belgium is that there are always new bike route signs to follow so you never get bored with repeatedly taking the same routes. This time I followed the Scott MTB Tour signs which weaved in, out, and around the Kortenberg Woods. It took me through lots of thick wooded trails, much of it bermed singletrack. Just as I thought I would come out of the trails nice and tidy, I reached the last 100 meters of trail that doubled as a mud swamp.

As I approached it, there were three cyclist exiting - coated in brown butter. Naturally my priority was the bike, so I tip-toed through it. Looking back, I saw a few more on their tippies following suit. Hey, you can effortly wash the clothes but bike parts take longer to wash are expensive to replace if the mud ruins them.

Soon after, I was at the end of the tour - behind the Scott Bicycle Showroom in Kortenberg. The first thing i saw was a line of cyclists waiting for the water sprayer. I bet i know what they are thinking...if it wasn't for that last 100 meters of mud, I'd be drinking my beer by now. And i bet you know what I was thinking...tip-toeing rules! Sip, sip.

In addition to the beer cafe, they had lots of vendors showing off their latest gadgets, pills, parts, publications and rags.

Aside from the little kid that spent a full ten minutes staring me down, what impressed me most was the Scott Cross bike in the showroom. It was super mega light, completely tricked out and 5,100€ retail. Wanna know what i want for Christmas? (This does not, in any way, minimize my love for my Ahrens Whole Shot. Lust and love are completely different.)

With my pockets swollen with pre-landfill items, I headed home - on pavement.


Rickie Rainwater said...

Way cool Christine! Looks like mountain biking is just as big as cross in Belgium. I think for fun I will take time and decide what dream "realistic finacially" mountain bike I would like to purchase in the future. I think Nemo needs a little brother. I have always loved scott, especially the CR1, but don't let Nemo find me lusting after another road bike, she might have the urge to throw me off on a ride. I miss mountain biking and perhaps I will borrow my friend's, the local Devil's Den park Ranger, trek and knock out some single track.

PEANUT said...

Let me know when you make the commitment to add to your family. best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Is that the addict cross bike... Oooooo. Weak at the knees...

I love your post, it sounds like you were just riding through the woods and came upon a bike expo... Belgium sounds like heaven :)

I'm in new bike mode too, I have posted a couple of ideas for my NEW BIKE on my blog, any preference to colour??? The vote is swinging definately one way at the mo but what do you think?