Thursday, October 30, 2008

Post-Tabor Newspaper stuff & sweet treats

It was not a surprise to see a full page spread on Neo-pro Niels Albert's impressive win in last Sunday's World Cup in Tabor, but it take me aback when i read the article below the Albert quoting Wellens as saying that
"they say i'm washed up; they're wrong."

After watching him ride last Sunday, he still has just as much fitness and drive as he has in the past. Once the "hard man" races come, the proof will be in the mud - as they don't really say but pudding just didnt seem the appropriate word.

A couple of days ago, my skinsuit finally arrived. It will be replacing the oversized black 2-piece outfit i'd been sporting in the last races. Included in the skinsuit package from Voler were a few tootsie rolls. That has to be the strangest bonus item i've received with an order. Even though i don't eat tootsies (milk in them), I really appreciated the thought! They did find a happy home in my friend Karen's tummy. She is visiting for three days from California.

Again, my race reports of the Tabor events are posted on

This Saturday at 4am i leave for Germany. We first go to Magstadt then to Lorsch. Even though I am still in an overload workout period early in the season, I am slightly more optimistic that this weekend of racing may go better than Tabor. I did some motorpacing today and noticed my sensations coming back. If not, I will get to work on my patience a bit more.

Thanks again for all the positive words - especially when I've had trying periods. It really means a lot.


Buddy (Lee) Poole said...

"I did some motorpacing today and noticed my sensations coming back"

That is so Euro-PRO it hurts.

GCDavid said...

Got my CX Magazine today. I almost didn't recognize you in the picture with they stylish shades and no helmet. I was expecting a centerfold, so I was a little disappointed.

Nice interview with Sven!

GCDavid said...

I just read that you got MARRIED this summer??? I don't recall reading that in a post!!! Did I miss something?

Congrats to you and Jonas!

PEANUT said...

funny comment cameron - thanks!
hey gc - my boobs were always too small to have the option to be a centerfold.
And thanks for the wedding congrats! I never took myself for the marrying type but here i am. funny thing is that it feels exactly like it did before marriage. At some point i will make a post about our wedding - i think it can make for a funny story. btw, did you read my tabor funny story on yet?

Rickie Rainwater said...

Hey Christine,
I look forward to my cxmag, but I don't expect it soon. I wrote you a comment in Czech at the cx site. Best of luck in Germany and enjoy. You had better remember the rest part young lady, and thanks for the link to the bike apparel.
I'm going out for a ride soon as Nemo got a bubble bath last night and needs to show off.

PEANUT said...

CX Mag just forwarded your hilarious comment to me. too funny.

Rickie Rainwater said...

Nemo looks goooood. We went out for a little spin. It amazes me how I can put in all these miles, and then take a week off and then ride the bike and fill like a fat old man. Well reality is a bit hard to take sometimes as it seems, I'm a fat old man....! I am redoing a friend's old De Barnardi. I told him that he had to name his bike and I explained how road bikes are girls, mountain bikes are boys, and cross bikes can be either. Well he named his bike, Bernice which I felt was fitting. The old bike must have cost a pretty penny in her day, and she is going to look really good when I get her back to riding form. The wind today really hurt, but it was nice to be out and on the bike. It is time to concentrate on diet and core exercises.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Boobs again??

Quit will ya, I'm trying to work here... too distracting!

Awesome interview with Sven Nys Christine, I must say.

Congratulations on landing it! It was a fantastic read, probably one of the best interviews I have read.

Insightful, interesting and yet not too serious (not quite Dave Zabriskie style though ;) ), he really came accross well, as did you as the interviewer!

Did I detect one of my questions in there??? Well I guess loads of people asked what i asked (not very original) but thanks for getting the info...

Oh and I love the $1000 question. Is there a secret pill you take? With that style of interogation you'd so well at WADA :) Imagine the sccop if he'd have said yeah!

Oh and I read you got married too. Congrats x2.

What you up to for Halloween? It's pretty much nothing here in the UK, we wait a week for Guy Fawkes night. Well, whatever, have a great one :)

Oh I forget, you are tarvelling Germany, to race??? If so definately have a good one!


PS I placed teh order for my new bike today :) Yay for me... now to pray the Pound stabilises and comes back up again before I pay the balance!

PEANUT said...

hey chr
did you ever get a response from probar yet?
Thanks for the congrats.
It was fun to interview sven. he was very chatty which is always easy for the interviewer. Yes i used your question. Lars boom is up next week - for the next magazine issue.
What bike did you end up ordering?

Anonymous said...

Boom! You really have access to all the stars! Another awesome interview, no doubt, to look forward to!

As for my new bike it's from Circle-A cycles in Rhode Island.

There is a bit of a waiting list, so details have a few weeks before they need to be finalised.

I posted two pics on my blog in mid-october with a couple of options that I am considering, if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

All change on the bike front... watch this space :(

As an aside...

How often do you have to replace your rims and brake pads in pro 'cross???

4.5 hours off road riding in two weeks, the pads are down to the posts and the rims are looking pretty concave, I'm glad I don't run carbon wheels!

Oh and no response from Probar yet.

PEANUT said...

chr - change of bike? Keep me posted. Regarding rims and pads, we dont change rims unless they break or are worn out. But in a season, or even possibly 2 to 3 seasons you may not wear out your rims. Most top pro race bikes are used strictly for racing so their rims are almost never worn down.
If your rims are new, they should not be worn down after 4.5 hours! Unless you had something in the rim in the beginning of the ride such as a piece of metal or glass that was picked up off the street or the rim itself and was drilling a hole in the rim. To keep my rims fresh i clean the pads after every ride and check for glass or metal chards and pluck them out with a pin. If there is indeed metal in the pad, it almost always comes from the aluminum rim. So check the rim and smooth any rough sections out with sandpaper. OK, i am writing a book. If that didnt answer your question, let me know and i will try again.

Anonymous said...

Ha yeah! I know all that :)

I was asking really just to enquire, to see if I was some kind of brakeing freak.

I clean my bike after every ride including picking the metal shards out of the blocks.

I do run Ali rims and my 'off road training' wheels are a couple of seasons old, but they have been in good nick until my last two rides.

It has been really wet and mucky, and has only taken 4.5 hours to get through a set of pads, they were brand new a fortnight ago! I guess it's just the grit and crap picked up off the trails, the wheels were probably borderline anyway!

As for the bike, a bespoke hand made steel road bike from the USA is probably a bit crass in the current climate.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I love the story about your wedding :)

PEANUT said...

i have run through new pads in a race so it is possible if enough grindy crap gets between pads and rim. This rarely happens with carbon rims. I am not sure if it is due to the different properties of a carbon rim or carbon-specific pad or if it is because riders of carbon rims know that the brakes will not work very well - if at all - in crap weather so they forgo the brakes altogether. Hope your destroyed rims were clinchers and not tubulars.
and thanks for the comment on my wedding story. at some point i will do a blog about it which should be funny to more than just me.