Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Training Cyclo-Cross Race Complete

It was with a handful of girls and a swarm of u-19 junior boys. You know you're in Belgium when even the ten year olds are decked out in full team kits down to the matching bikes, clipless pedals, and race faces. It is really something special to see.

The race served many purposes for me. I got to remember (offscreen) what it is like to race cross. What i now remember most is that it really beats you up! You dont even have to fall of your bike and you return with bruises and pains that you have no idea how they were aquired. Bugger!

Among a few other things, I also remember now that my shifters only allow for three upshifts at a time. I was coming off my road bike where i can shift straight from the smallest sprocket to the biggest in one move, so imagine my dismay when i figured out i can only change three gears at a time - in the middle of a super steep climb. After a few mid-hill runs, i finally adjusted.

But overall it was a success. It was the first time offroad with my new bike so I was able to see how it handled under pressure - my guess is that it handled it a bit better than I. haha. I was pretty nervous before the start, wondering what it was going to be like. And now i know.

It was also the first time wearing the new team kit with new bike in public. I forgot how much fun it is to be fancy and new! I got a bunch of looks, questions and some even stopped to take photos of me and the bike. As goofy as it sounds, it made me feel special. I am so incredibly thankful for that.

Here are some photos from the race so you can check it out for yourself. Photos were taken by Francois Buyssens.

My next race is yet another training one with the boys this saturday. Then the following friday i am off for Treviso, Italy. The first round of the World Cup Series. After the race, Jonas and i plan to spend an extra two days in Venice to unwind. I dont know if i look more forward to the race or to our post-race activities!

As always, thanks for reading!!!


Cheflandria said...

I am so excited for you!!! good luck in Italy and will try to find coverage here in the US to watch ya! Go Peanut!

Rickie Rainwater said...

Christine, you are special. We have been trying to tell you this for a couple of years now. I am so proud of you and very excited. Way friggin cool! Named your new bike yet? Ha!

Anonymous said...

"It really beats you up"
ha! My shoulder is killing me, you have reminded me I rode my 'cross bike at the weekend.

I bet it was great to race 'cross again, despite the obvious beating up. So what about those boys then, a testosterone fuelled start line, how did the girls fare?

It sounds like it was a successful breaking back in for you, new bike and new kit etc. You look great in the photo's.

What's with the shifting only three gears at a time, is that a draw back of the new Shimano kit?

Good luck this weekend. Race fast!

Amy said...

Great pictures! Much success in Italy - and enjoy the trip!