Thursday, September 6, 2007

Busy day today...

I spent the morning calling NYC magazines to set up a press tour for Devine Toys - a leader in sex toy holders. When i have time, I work part time in Public Relations for a good friend of mine who usually has creative, offbeat clients! Needless to say, the parties are not to be missed! Yeah, if only i weren't a bike racer i could actually attend them more often.

These photos were taken at one of the parties that I actually got to attend!! It was a Good Vibrations School Girl Fetish Party in San Francisco.

The top photo is of their bake sale.

The next one is of a woman who spent the evening following me around to periodically whip me.

The last is of me. Guess which body part it is...
After my media tour calls, i headed out for a cyclo-cross ride in the Marin Headlands. My coach joined me this time around. We rode up and over the hills to Coast View Trail.
On the first time up, he rode in front of me to keep pace. Fortunately he never saw the chaos behind him! I suffered from severe ugly riding due to too much air in my tires - every time i hit a bump i didn't see since i was riding up my coach's ass, my wheel went airborne causing me to free-pedal without any return force on the pedals - comical looking actually. And to make matters worse, I couldn't get my iPod to work so i rode most of the climb with one hand on the bars and the other between my boobs where i keep the iPod. Good thing he didn't turn around!!
By the next climb, I got my act together. I took some air out of the tires, got the iPod to work before i started the climb and rode in front of my coach so i could see the terrain. Much better the second time around. To celebrate my success, I spent a few minutes at the top of the climb dancing.
Speaking of dancing, I will never forget the time i went out to a bar/night club in San Francisco with Karen. While she was being wooed by some random guy, I was obligated - as a friend - to keep his buddy occupied. So when he asked me to dance three times, I finally agreed. To make sure the dance was short, I busted out with my best Saturday Night Fever moves as soon as we hit the dance floor.
He stood there for a second just staring at me. I win. But NO! I was wrong. The next second was spent with me watching HIM pick up the dance moves where i left off. He knew all the moves to that goofy movie! Foiled. But i tell you i never laughed so hard on a dance floor as i had in that moment.
After the ride, Don and I made some eggplant/veggie/habanero burgers with a huge-ass salad. For dessert, we had fruit salad with soya yogurt. Yum. Gotta go now to see if there's any belgian chocolate left around the house.
BTW, 37 days until my first cyclo-cross race. Yippidy-friggin-doo-dah!!! OK, i just convinced myself i will skip that piece of chocolate - must lose weight for cross.
Thanks for reading.


gewilli said...

"Guess which body part it is"

skip chocolate? NOOOO

(just make sure it is like wicked high 86+ or higher = less sugar = less fat)

Big Bad Wolf said...

that whip scares me.. umm, I think

Big Bad Wolf said...

bodypart.. looks like two legs one crossed over the other?

Big Bad Wolf said...

kinky fishnets

PEANUT said...

Yes, you're both right! It's a photo of my knees crossed. You can just see my knee-high fuzzy white socks and the bandaid on my right knee. I am holding onto the fishnets for when i switch careers to be a hells angels biker chick. said...

must GAIN weight for cross.

and disco dancing.

... and i will reserve comment about the kinky stuff.

oh my!

PEANUT said...

gain weight for cross? why?

Yeah, can't give up the chocolate but i will take your advice and limit it to 86% or higher. I heard nestle just came out with a "healthful" chocolate bar. I wonder what they added to make it healthful?