Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Guess who is speaking at World Vegetarian Day?

ME ME ME!!! And it's not just with a safety cone, screaming at the eventgoers as they enter the event. I'm actually on the speakers panel.

When I originally confirmed for this engagement, I was really excited. My big chance to tell a bunch of eager ears why a vegan diet is preferable for athletes. But then i started to think about it a little more - I will have to stand up in front of all those people and entertain them for an hour straight! Cyclo-cross races aren't even that long!

Luckily Art Eggertsen, AKA the Food Coach & founder of ProBar, is flying over from Utah to chip in on the entertainment. He will follow my presentation to provide the audience with nutritional facts and findings. So when i warn a weekend tennis warrior to step away from that skinless chicken wing for fear that her backhand will suffer, Art will provide the "why".

If you're in San Francisco this Sunday and want to heckle me, the event is being held in Golden Gate Park at the Garden Room. I speak at 4pm. Oh, and i'm also presenting Dr. Elliot Katz, president of IDA (In Defense of Animals) at 2:45pm. Since I am a spokesperson for the organization, he asked me to introduce him.

Visit World Veggie Day Website for more info. You can find Art at the speakers table all weekend. I'll be there Sunday afternoon only. Hope to see you there!


Justin said...

very cool. congrats

mindful mule said...

Thanks for spreading the good word this weekend. You'll do great. Good luck.

Joer said...

my veggie sis lives in SF and i sent her the link to your blog (as well as directions to pubjabi burrito).

have you been practicing the speech over and over? my aunt gives speeches for americans living in japan and swears by the repetition. (ha, and she has slides of herself doing stupid crap over there as well... so that helps.)

have fun with it!

PEANUT said...

THanks all for the positive comments and feedback. Yes, i'd love to practice over and over but i'm already stretched so thin training and preparing for a very hectic winter cyclo-cross season so unfortunately i think that much of the speech will be winged! UGH!

Anonymous said...

hunny and i will be there!

we will try to catch you after your talk!