Friday, September 14, 2007

Who says I can't bring Belgium home with me???

I've always been a sucker for routine. I love waking up every morning to my fresh press pot coffee and a huge-ass bowl of oatmeal filled with various crunchy grains, ground flax, pinch of sea salt, maybe some pumpkin seeds, one banana, one apple, and - if there's room in the bowl (I usually use a bowl where the food just barely fits in it so i keep my consumption level to a set max) i'll throw in any other random fruit i have in the house.

Next i'll check my emails, make the regularly scheduled trip to the bathroom, wash off, lay out my cycling clothes if they aren't already prepared the night before, fill the jersey pockets, prepare the bike, take a shower, put the clothes on, fill the bottles, and out the door.

When i return, legs are up for ten minutes, I make some food. While it's cooking i shower, eat, check the email and theoretically veg out for the rest of the evening.

Even though there is a bunch of other stuff i do in a day, it varies quite a bit - no routine to it.
But at least i have my basic routine that i count on for sanity.

I just got word yesterday that a part of my routine in belgium, namely my usual tuesday with Johan the Belgian, will reconvene in SAN FRANCISCO!!!! Yippee!!!! As goofy as it sounds, I really miss my routine of seeing Johan every tuesday. It's one evening a week where I get to hear great stories, talk about my somewhat quirky life while enjoying fabulous coffee and food.

Anyway, he just booked his flight. Again, Yippee!! I will take photos of the tour.

Here's a photo of us sitting in our usual spot for coffee - across from the ornate town hall. We chose this spot in Grote Markt because it is the last place in all of Leuven to be showered in sunlight at night.

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Joer said...

ha, cuidado.

tell johan i said hello.