Monday, October 29, 2007

3rd Place at Steinmaur UCI - Switzerland

I went for 1st place but landed in 3rd. Although i crossed the finish line knowing this, it was hard to tell because they raced us with the junior men and women. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but the kids all got a humongous headstart! Other than that, the race was absolutely fabulous! The organizers put on a really good show, great course and excellent crowds!

Since i have traveled a bit much over the past two days, I'm only posting a few photos today.

More photos and info tomorrow! I found quite a lot of photos on, by the way!

Thanks for all the good luck going into this race! I unleashed it all at the start line and held onto it until the finish.



Little_Jewford said...

amazing! even the cows are cross fans in Europe! At least I assume thats while they are wearing bells :)

congrats on the 3rd place!


StevenCX said...

Rocking that new kit!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ride at the Int. Radquer Steinmaur. Cyclingnews of course had the result incorrect, but I see that the UCI site has the proper 3rd placing listed.
-- E.C. Chamberlain

Big Bad Wolf said...

Found no result in the localpaper today but very happy to see you got the podium.
Well done I say, looking forward to the Koppenberg..

Anonymous said...

Yay, kicking ass 3rd in Switzerland!!

Euro cows wear bells? All this time, I thought it's an instrument that a herdsman rings to orchestrate them. Ok, I'm an idiot.

Big Bad Wolf said...

E.C. Chamberlain..
I think Cyclingnews got it RIGHT.
Peanut was 5th over the line but 3rd in her class..
This is the radquer result:

CTodd said...


PEANUT said...

You can't be FIFTH over the line if you don't start the race together! As i mentioned in my blog, i found it odd that they listed us in finishing order with a separate category who took off well ahead of us.

PEANUT said...

And thanks to everyone else for your kind comments!

Big Bad Wolf said...

I checked the ages and there were 2 girls born in 1990 so they definately were not ELITE riders (they are friggin 17 y/o) .
They probably flagged off the junior and the elite classes during the same lap which led to the result published.
They do this in the mixed classes in mtb races all the time. The juniors/women/master 1 and master 2 classes start with one or 2 minute intervals but finish together.
Cyclingnews got their result from Radquer so stating Cyclingnews got it wrong is not correct and biased.
Not that it all matters within a 100 years but fair is fair.
- - "Control Freak" - BBW

Unknown said...

Damn, Jonas looks like he's thinner than you now. Give the boy something to eat every now and then! Christian

Anonymous said...

Gee, now that we've split all the hairs and crammed the maximum number of angels onto the head of a pin, I guess I must concede that cyclingnews had it right after all. What would I know? Fifth it is.
-- E.C. Chamberlain

Big Bad Wolf said...
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Big Bad Wolf said...

I guess sometimes a little discussion, free thought and difference of opinion can not be avoided. I also guess that is whar makes us all human. I hope I have not offended you by being just that.

Anonymous said...

Offended? Of course not! And if I had been, your being human wouldn't have been the reason. On the contrary, I'm glad it's all sorted out, so that we needn't worry about Peanut's ... what's that word? -- ὕβρις
-- E.C. Chamberlain

Big Bad Wolf said...

I don't think we need to worry about P'nuts Hybris..
I just tell it like I see it most of the time, and that doesn't always go down well.