Monday, December 17, 2007


So...I figured i'd share with you some of my favorite items!!!

My new favorite is the animal-friendly faux leather jacket - totally stylish! Actually, i take it back. I think cats would actually prefer real leather. They sometimes have a habit of tearing apart leather items in their attempt to kill it! About 20 years ago, i lost a pair of leather shoes this way.

And I gotta get one of these Tranquility suits! How cool would that look for hanging out after the races.

I'm also in love with their Lioness Tee!
The Lion of Limburg - Jennie's home province - reminds me of the cyclo-cross races here in Belgium where you see that flag everywhere!

All proceeds from this MANderkitten World Tour Destroyed Vintage Tee goes to the Vanderkitten Womens Cycling Programs.

By the way, here's the sweater I have been living in for the past months! Like all their clothes, it is super soft that i even sleep in it!

To visit the store, click HERE!


Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better...

Anonymous said...

Does Vanderkitten have a robe and big fuzzy slippers in their line? Or a smoking jacket? Maybe I mean a NON-smoking jacket. One must be dressed just right for recuperation, too.
-- E.C. Chamberlain

PEANUT said...

They are putting together their lingerie line so i suppose those items will be included...go to to get a preview.
Thanks cheflandria!