Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aarrrrreeee we theeeerrrrreeee yet?

I have just spent another day in Rhode Island waiting for Nationals to come! For the days leading up to Nationals, I usually feel a bit under pressure because this one race will determine whether or not I race at World Championships. No matter how well the rest of the season may go for any of us, the selection criteria is based on this one fourty-minute block; the top 5 placings at Nationals are awarded a spot on the National team.
Luckily, I have Geoff and his family to keep my mind off of myself. Today Kailey and I joined Geoff on his journey to find Welly's (aka Wellington's - waterproof boots) that he can use to help build the race course tomorrow. Unfortunately the only place they were sold were in WalMart. I've heard of these stores through the Bowling for Columbine movie, so i was a bit apprehensive. When i turned to Geoff for support, I noticed that he was just as apprehensive. It seems he was dreading the trip just as much as I! But in we went, looking to 6-yr old kailey for amusement in such a dark time. We got the boots and were out the exit in record time.
At dinner, I learned just how quickly kids pick up words. After I said "what's up, chicken butt" to Kailey a couple of times, little Lindsay started saying Chicken Butt Chicken Butt, Chicken Butt. Of course we all laughed. Once she saw that chicken butt got her attention, she repeated it about 100 more times! Yes, i apologized profusely to Geoff and Erin for being a bad influence. I do have to admit, though, it was very entertaining to see a little 1 1/2 yr old girl say Chicken Butt.
FYI: Dinner tonight was splendid vegan soup - sweet potato, ginger, carrot, squash, parsley, I forget the rest. But if you go to he listed the recipe a few days back.

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feel like i need to ride more now.