Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have two seconds to write so just wanted to tell everyone i just got 2nd place qt a German UCI race yesterday _ yipee! funny stories to come:::


Anonymous said...

Great Performance !!! Wish you a great 2007 with first of all good health, lot of fun in practicing your sport and beautiful results.
Rik Heymans (Heverlee/Haasrode)

Anonymous said...

E.C. "Satchmo" Chamberlain, keeper (and custodian of the First Order, Fresnel) at coordinates +37° 59' 44.52", -123° 1' 23.77" wishes you a very focused, dazzling 2007

Little_Jewford said...

excellent! Where is the podium shot?

Anonymous said...

The podium shot, with one or two others, is posted on

Anonymous said...

Very good !!! I'm happy for you ..
Good luck in 2007 with "les pruneaux d'agen" !!
We will see you perfectly in the bunch next year :-D