Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another Butt-Cold Day in Cycling Paradise

"It is better to suffer in the training than to suffer in the racing" This sentiment was conveyed by one of Coach Elmo's clients and has stuck with me ever since I heard it. Those words surely assisted me to get my warm bottom out of the house today for a training ride.

Once bundled in everything i own, I walked my bike down the three flights of stairs. First trip was over to the building's pile of Belgian Government issued oversized brown garbage bags. Since i still have not figured out where to buy these apparently overpriced bags, I sneak my tiny plastic bags into one of the less stuffed brown bags!

As i rode my bike down the road towards the Leuven ring on my way to the Heverlee woods for a little dirt training, I made the mistake of looking up into the sky. The sky was so thick i swear I was witnessing the moisture in the air crystallize before my very eyes - putting the temperature somewhere between 0 degrees C (33ishF) and beyond butt-cold! "It is better to suffer in the training, it is better to suffer in the training..."

Once into the woods, i warmed up a bit - ok, well once the intervals began. The course i have laid out starts off on a paved cycle path parallel to the , then cuts into the woods onto a long fireroad. After a bit of riding, I turn left onto yet another rolling fire road, then right into a singletrack that connects with a mini bmx-style circuit. Once out of the circuit, back on a fire road, then another, off and on at the top to simulate barriers. At top of mini gradual hill, I make a right into a tight singletrack trail made even tighter by the mud bogs i meticulously avoid, and back to pavement. Each lap is about six minutes. Oh, and the walkers, hikers, dogs, kids, runners, cyclists act as pack fodder to help simulate a race course.

By the way, a few days ago i experienced the coldest night ever while under ten blankets! Well, it turned out that my apartment is still warm at night. I apparently had a quickie flu! Thanks to my vegan diet, it only lasted 10 hours instead of 10 days!!! I may have caught it from Melissa Thomas whom i ran into at the Dulles Airport monday. She was very ill with flu - she even lost eight pounds from it! ugh! With that said, i am no longer in urgent need for a boyfriend for bodyheat - hahahahaha!

I leave tomorrow at 8:30am for Netherlands 1 1/2 hrs drive. Then i get to spend christmas pre-riding the Hofstade World Cup that is held the next day! What a way to spend the holidays!

Have a great holiday season!!!


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