Friday, December 29, 2006

Azencross Mud Pit Follies

Rain, rain and more rain. No sun for days. Even the pavement is water-logged.
Thanks to a bad start, I was in about 60th going around the first tun into the single-file path layered in both sand AND mud. A couple of minutes later, i was amidst a gaggle of women hitting the marathon mud pit section - an open area completely covered in 1-1 1/2 feet of soupy, slimy, sticky mud. Looking around as i barely trackstood with all my might, I felt like i was in a slow-motion video except the crowds were yelling in fast forward! To give you a better idea of what this mud pit really looked like, it was perfectly set up for another kind of movie that would have also involved muddy women in lycra surrounded by hoards of men drinking stella and smoking cigarettes. By race end, i was only able to manage a 27th.

After the race, fellow racer Sharon of Team Flanders and i hurried back to a garage that one of the residents in the neighborhood lent us. We stripped all our clothes off only to find that we now were wearing complete brown suits made of mud! Two showers later and I am STILL removing mud and sand from my eyes, ears, and hair!

I stuck around for a few minutes to watch the guys. I saw Jonathan Page in about 15th or so (although results show him as dnf - bike mechanical?), then ryan trebon in about 20, and rather close behind was jeremy powers, Barry wicks, erik tonkin, troy wells. Molly cameron was a bit off the back, but still riding strong! I would guess this is his first time racing in europe. After a couple more of these events, he should get the hang of it and start kicking some euro poop (this is the phonetic spelling of butt. i wonder if this is how it's spelled!)


erikv said...

Hi peanut, thanks for all the great posts. Keep up the good work over there in Belgium

FYI Molly goes by "she" rather than "he." For reals.

Patty said...

Your dream is here Christine. You deserve it after all the years of hard work. I'm very proud of you.