Sunday, December 24, 2006

Celebrating Holidays with Frozen Eyes and Bad Water!

Today i raced my first event since returning from usa. The course was about 90% overcast singletrack - really fun but hard for racing!
I was smart to wear an undershirt to ward off sub-freezing temps BUT opted not to race with my Specialized optics - big mistake. My eyes froze open. For the first two minutes, my eyes teared waterfalls, then in one fell swoop, it froze over! I couldn't even blink, nor could i see clearly. Everything turned into a monet painting, making it even harder to pass the one slow gal who had a great start off the front but didn't have the strength to follow through for the whole race. Once i got past her, it was game over. i made it to 11th place. I guess my food/water poisining didn't help much either! I spent the rest of the afternoon doubled over, unable to stand up straight!
In hindsight, I know how i got sick. It surely was the rancid double boiled tap water from the kettle. As i poured the water onto my oats and coffee, I knew something was amiss. But with a LOT of vanilla extract and almond powder, I was able to get both the oats and coffee least for a day!
The best part of the day was watching my pit crew in action! Serge drove me there and took care of my trainer, bikes, wheels, etc while his twin brother christophe helped out in the pit and renatta held my clothes, water, etc and kept me "rustig" (calm.)
Happy holidays!

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gewilli said...

wow - c'mon CV watch the intake... sounds like you are in good hands with the support crew - maybe

specialized can get ya a clear set of lenses for dark overcast days...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!