Monday, August 13, 2007

Proud to be a Vanderkitten !!!

Yippidy-friggin-doo-dah...I am officially part of the infamous Vanderkittens for the upcoming Cyclo-Cross season. What an honor!!!

I am so excited to start racing in the hot new VDK kit that i have been counting down the days; exactly 57 until my first race - Gloucester, MA on 13 October!!!

And as a bonus, their femininely stylish line of casual clothing will surely prevent my being called 'sir' ever again!!! Be sure to also check back with their site periodically to view their lingerie line coming soon. Until then, you can see it modeled by Mandy - my new VDK teammate and rockstar athlete.

Photos of the new team kit will be posted on my blog shortly. I have already seen it - smokin' hot!!!

OK, enough ranting - please visit VDK Site to see what I will be wearing this winter and visit their VDK blog to follow our travels!

I want to thank you ALL for your superb support over the years. Throughout my successes AND failures, I have never felt alone. Knowing that people are out there wishing me well makes what i do, including all the sacrifices I make, that much easier ...even bearable when it gets tough!!

If you want to read the press release announcing my addition to the Vanderkittens, you can click on one of these links or just read it below:

Vanderkitten Blog

Vanderhoot Blog

GeWilli Blog


Daily Peloton

Vanderkitten Signs Christine Vardaros to 2007 Women’s Cyclocross Team

Vanderkitten, Clothing for Women Who Kick Ass, announces the signing of UCI Elite cyclocross athlete Christine “Peanut” Vardaros to lead its newly-established women’s cyclocross team. Christine will fly the flashy new Vanderkitten colors—a standout pink-plaid team kit, while piloting a Vanderkitten team-edition Ahrens Whole Shot cyclocross frame in World Cup, Superprestige, and US National Series races. The Mill Valley, CA native who spends much of her season based in Leuven, Belgium finished last season ranked 22nd in the world, earning herself a spot on the US National Team for the 2007 World Championships.

"We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with Christine,” says Vanderkitten co-founder Dave Verrecchia. “Having a top-level racer who’s dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with her teammates and other female cyclists of all ability levels is invaluable to our growing cyclocross team. Christine doesn’t just race—she’s a journalist, a cycling rights advocate, and an animal rights advocate as well. Her community involvement lines up with Vanderkitten’s goals to do some good in the world while having fun on bikes.”

Christine will provide mentorship and support to the women of Vanderkitten’s cyclocross team, which is a grassroots team open to cyclocross racers of any ability level. With Christine’s help, Vanderkitten hopes to bring more women into the sport of cyclocross—whether they come from road-riding, mountain-biking, or non-cycling backgrounds.

Says Christine, “I chose to ride for Vanderkitten particularly because of what it stands for; permission for women to be athletic while retaining their femininity. Vanderkitten not only encourages women like me to play rough and dirty, but also provides us with feminine clothing so we look sexy as we sprint through the mud. Vanderkitten sends the message to women around the world that it is possible to be powerful and athletic while maintaining poise and grace.”

Vanderkitten is currently looking for US riders of all levels to race in the team kit, and take advantage of stellar team pricing on the hand-built Ahrens Whole Shot frames. Complete bikes are also available at team pricing for a limited time, thanks to Vanderkitten sponsors FSA and Reynolds. More information can be found at

To join Christine on the Vanderkitten cyclocross team, or to inquire about frames and team kits, email Dave Verrecchia at To learn more about Christine, visit


Anonymous said...

...already knew about VK from other post but coughed up a 'hairball of gladness' again for you.

Sent ya an ear of fresh organic corn, labeled the husk, "P'nut, cyclechick, Belgium". Lemme know if you enjoyed it.

Stay Strong. Stay On It.

luv2ride said...

Congratulations, Christine!! I am sooo happy for you! You are going to look smokin' hot in the Vanderkitten kit!

ntw said...


PS Those kits are h-o-t-t!

PEANUT said...

THANKS for the positive comments - I am just stoked! I don't remember being this motivated for cross season as i am right now!!!

Big Bad Wolf said...

Kudos and congrats to Christine for joining this team. Does that mean you will be racing in the US cyclocross series this winter or will you still grace our Belgian parcours with your presence?

Radio Freddy said...

Peanut - Congratulations on your new team and thanks for the linkage. - RF