Thursday, December 20, 2007

Found another 'Vardaros misses Nat'ls' announcement

I think i now officially got more press than Katie Compton who actually won the event! haha.
Here's the link from

(on another note, my concussion is still healing steadily. Tomorrow I will venture over to the Hofstade World Cup course to get a preview. I was supposed to be racing at Scheldecross near Antwerpen but since it will be trying enough just to step out into the sunlight, I figured i'd wait at least another day before considering to race. THANKS SO MUCH for all your emails and comments of well wishes. It really means a lot!!!)

Vardaros Misses US National Cyclo-Cross Championships
Christine "Peanut" Vardaros, pro cyclist for Vanderkitten - a company who makes clothing for women who kick ass, was unable to make the trip back from Belgium due to a severe concussion. She sustained the concussion many weeks ago in the same manner most cyclists injure themselves - in the privacy of their own home! She hit her head on a low wooden beam in the attic, knocking herself out cold.

Just as she was starting to recover, Vardaros re-injured her head again at the Asper-Gavere Superprestige race 18 November. She rode directly into a tree, headfirst, on the race's infamous muddy chute.

"Peanut" in action. Photo c. Krist Vanmelle

Unable to manage the pain any longer, Vardaros was driven directly by European Vanderkitten Manager Jonas Bruffaerts to hospital following last weekend's Frankfurter Rad-Cross event where she was forced to abandon.

According to her Neurologist, she must stay off the bike until all symptoms are gone. Through it all, Vardaros remains optimistic, explaining "It's been rough sitting in a dark, silent room the past days. And i can't even do sit-ups to pass time! But if this is what it takes to race again soon, then I'm somewhat happy to do it!"

Luckily "Peanut" is under no pressure from Vanderkitten to get back on the saddle too quickly. When Vardaros notified Dave Verrecchia of Vanderkitten of her inability to attend US Nationals, he emailed her a note stating, "There is no pressure from us to get you back on the bike! Please take your time and heal yourself. Whenever you feel better and can safely compete again we will be looking forward to it!"

Assuming recovery goes well, she can be expected to resume racing as early as 21 December at Scheldecross in Belgium. Vardaros, top cyclo-cross racer and part of US National Team for World Championships the past two years, has been based in Belgium for the full cyclo-cross season, contesting the World Cup Circuit and other UCI events. She is expected to race straight through to the last event of the season at Sluitingprijs (Cat. 1) in Belgium. For updates on Vardaros' health, visit her site at:


Greg said...

Peanut, holy...expletive! I had no idea you got yourself all injured in the head! Sister, hang in there! Hope to see you if remotely possible in Za Motherland in January.


bikesgonewild said...

...ok, it's jokes about that hard-headed marin county chick cuz it turns out she ain't that cranium-dense after all...

...i am honestly happy to hear you're getting support from dave v. at vdk...w/ the cross season so short, i was worried that would have an affect...they are now vanderlions'n'tigers in my eyes...

...get back on the bike when you're comfortable w/ it but don't, as the PRO's say "harden the fuck up" (pardon my pro-speak) until the md's say it won't harm you in the long run...

...smooth & strong, when the time is right...

PEANUT said...

Hey BGW:
Thanks! Also Ahrens Bicycles has been exceptionally supportive! It makes healing up properly that much easier when you have such understanding sponsors!
Hey Greg: Yeah, I BETTER be healed by then. Progress is slow but existent.

Il Bruce said...

Don't rush it. It's your only brain. You may need it later.

Be well.

il Bruce (Ge-Willi's neighbor)

Anonymous said...

wow ... Nice jersey !
I love it !
And the pink on your bike ... NICE !

PEANUT said...

Thanks adeline! How is the training going for road season? I should be doing a bunch of road races this season. Maybe we can race together?

Anonymous said...

I started training with my team and it's difficult!
But today I rode 120 km with the guy! The maximum....

I hope you will race in Belgium this year. Don't forget the "kampioenschap van Vlaanderen". There are 7 races during the year, the first in Wieze the 09th of March. (if you ride there, don't forget to do your "pre inschrijving" on the site)

See you soon


PEANUT said...

hey adeline:
I will start racing at earliest end of march - only if i find a team to guest ride for in Tour of Flanders. Best of luck at the first race! And congrats on a great training ride today. Hope to see you soon - miss you!