Friday, March 16, 2007

Check out my first Pruneaux d'Agen article in PEZ!!!

Again, yippee!!
It is once again an honor to write for my favorite cycling website -

Check out the article if you want to read about my new team and our shenanigans during team presentation and training camp!


Anonymous said...

Hey, where can I get one of those cute little prune mascots?

PEANUT said...

You can request one by filling out the form here:
Thanks for taking interest in our little buddy. Hopefully there are more left and you don't have to fight tiina for it!

BeliVelo said...

Great blog. I am psyched I found it from pez! Peanut you are officially invited to come ride with me and my buds around Luchon in the pyrenees in july. You will find it oddly familiar as we are all 40-50 but contemporary in gear/kit. My wife and 5 yr old daughter are fluent in french so they can continue your lessons! Bon chance avec le saison! Philip

PEANUT said...

Hey belivelo:
Thanks for the invitation!! Very kind of you. I will keep it in mind.