Saturday, May 12, 2007

Peanut Baby!

Oh humble peanut, how I love thee
Thy goodness never overstated.
I love thee in so many guises
My favorite mode cannot be rated.
Soup, sauces, pies or off the spoon
Thy flavor nearly makes me swoon.

If peanut butter be the food of gods,
Eat on!

I just came across this sonnet in my vegnews magazine newsletter. It was written by Christy Grecsek "with many apologies to Mr. Shakespeare." She was the "Passsion for Peanut Butter"
contest winner.

By the way, Peter showed up on time for the ride yesterday. We dodged the rain for most of the ride and even spotted our shadows for a whole three minutes!

It's 10:49am and Tom (boonen, my cardboard lover) and i are sitting in the living room on my couch on the stage waiting for the rain to stop. It sounds like Northern California's weather is not much better. That is truly a pity - for all you folks who are there as well as for me; i liked knowing I theoretically had a place to go where the grass was brown.


Anonymous said...

I make my hummus with peanut butter instead of tahini! Peanut butter is hard to find in Europe? N'est pas? BTW it has been in the 80s and sunny in Vermont but 45 and sunny this morning as I settle in to watch the open of the Giro. Ciao Philip

PEANUT said...

Next time i will try it with peanut butter. A friend of mine named marla streb (mtb studette) got me hooked on putting peanut butter in my oatmeal. Peanut butter (pindakaas) is much more common now than even 5 years ago! You can even find many versions of it in the health food stores. I totally forgot the giro started today. I could have watched it live! Glad you are having wonderful weather!!

Anonymous said...

It's not raining in northern California, just very cool and very foggy near the coast and, like E.C. said, ridiculously windy, pretty strange weather for mid-May around here. Even my peanut butter drifts across the bread when I go outside.

PEANUT said...

drifting peanut butter - funny one!

Anonymous said...

I hate peanuts. Allergy, you see.

PEANUT said...

Having an allergy to peanuts is one thing, hating them is another. IE. I love chocolate but my hips are allergic to it.