Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mr. Darcy does it AGAIN !!!

I just found out that Mr. Darcy (AKA Kirk O'Bee of Health Net/Maxxis) won the highly coveted Stars and Strips jersey at the US Pro Criterium Championships!! I always get excited when well-deserving (and nice) people have moments of glory. This is his second time winning the jersey - first was in 2001. I have trained with him quite a few times when he's visited Marin (California.) He has always been the epitome of professionalism. (By the way, if you're interested in knowing how his nickname came to be, I discussed it with him when i interviewed him two years ago for my most favorite cycling website,

From reading the race report, it sounded like the harsh weather conditions turned the race into a live video game - bodies and bike parts flying everywhere! Brutal.

1. Martin Gilbert (Can), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast

2. Kirk O'Bee, Health Net-Maxxis

3. Shawn Milne, Health Net-Maxxis

4. Alex Candelario, Jelly Belly

5. Tony Cruz, Discovery Channel

On another note, I just had a crash of my own. bugger. For the past few rides, I have felt fabulous - both my body AND mind have been motivated to ride, which is not always the case. Unfortunately in the middle of my ride last Saturday, as I was powering out of a turn while simultaneously hopping onto the bike path, the chain decided to teeter on top of the big chain ring. When i put a bit of pressure on the pedal, the cranks spun freely while the chain sat in place, causing me to violently twist the bike. Within a millisecond, I was on the pavement assessing the damage. Luckily it was just superficial - some missing skin patches on the ass, knee, ankle, and know, the usual spots.

What bugged me most about the crash was not the bike damage or even the handfuls of dough it is costing me in bandaids, but that it felt like I was being kicked when I'm up!! I really do believe that this feels far worse than being kicked when you're down. If you are kicked when you're already down, it's not like there is far to fall. But when you are kicked when you're flying high, the landing sucks.

After taking coach Elmo's obligatory two days off of exercising, I returned to it yesterday with a run. When you have road rash, you know to take it easy for a bit to give the body time to get over the shock and heal. But what I forgot was the other, seemingly more important reason to take it easy - the discomfort of road rash!!! While running, I was painfully aware that i had a right butt cheek - with every stride, my right butt bobbed up and down like a dead weight dropping on my raw skin. Note to self: when suffering from road rash, wear shorts that have a pocket anywhere other than on top of the bruise so the house key doesn't jab it with every step.

Oh, and another complication of road rash I quickly remembered is the required time re-calculation when trying to plan my day. I now have to budget in an additional 35 minutes when getting ready to leave the house - time to unravel all the stickers and bandages, delicately shower the afflicted areas, thoroughly dry them, apply anti-this-that-the-other ointment and re-wrap it all. Again, bugger.

This Friday, I am back to California. After spending so much time here in Belgium, I have really come to love it here. It feels like home. It's going to be strange to go back there.


Unknown said...

Just got back from a two week visit to the bay area. The Exploratorium may have been the best part.

Anonymous said...

The horrible weather would have made him feel right at home, which is to say, not Pemberley but Belgium, where his abilities in inclement conditions (like yours) are well-known. When you get to the MC, remember to compliment Elmo worshipfully on his new Hoven sunglasses, as this is arguably the only way of appeasing his chronic wrath.
— E.C. Chamberlain

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Tegaderm bandages? They make road rashes a lot more comfortable to live with.

(been reading your blog for a while... it's awesome!)

Anonymous said...'ll be good to see ya back in the county, kiddo...

...oooh, are those exotic little 'belgian' road rashes...

...& if i run into you, anywhere near the 'good earth' or 'whole foods', yer gonna finish yer ride w/ an ear of organic sweet corn in yer jersey pocket...i'm buyin'

Big Bad Wolf said...

For road rash, I recommend patches.. you can get them at verbinnen in wilsele. I use them on 7-hour offroad rides so they should surely be ok for common onroad "sissie stuff" .

Anonymous said...

Will you be racing cross vegas? Philip

PEANUT said...

Hey philip: no cross vegas for me - too much travel to get there and too early in the season for me since i normally race through to end of february!
hey bikesgonewild: I have now passed both good earth and whole foods with a hearty appetite and my arm extended - but no corn. You tease you!
Tmos: i can't believe the exploratorium was the best part of the trip! Did you make it to marin?
Hi irena: yes, i used tegaderm for the road rash, along with Brave soldier and some other bandage items. I am happy to announce i am just about all healed up!
bigbadwolf: thanks for the product info. i will check it out!