Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Move over Musseeuw!

Adeline and I traveled to most road races last year! My most memorable trip with her must have been when she slyly played the Black Eyed Peas "Pump it" tune for two hours straight on a drive home. She pretended that the CD was skipping even though i saw her CD controls were on the steering wheel. I didn't mind since i like the song - or should i say liked. Now it's a little hard to listen to it.
The other photo is of me in Nommay - i think. Adeline just emailed it to me.
Yesterday i worked on one bike. It should shift now. Today i am working on the other. Fun, fun, fun! My apartment looks like a bike shop. All tools are neatly displayed in front of Tom on the stage in the living room, while my wheels, bikes and parts are covering the floor.
Four days until World Championships!! Yippee!! I heard A LOT of USA'ers will show. It's always fun to hear cheers in an American accent. At hoogerheide, there was a group of NorCal folks who cheered very loudly for me - THANKS!
I also heard a few of them got on the podium at Masters World CHampionships held last weekend in Belgium.
NorCal's super stud Henry Kramer was one of those folks! I ran into him at the Post-Nat'ls party, which is the only place i ever talk to him. It is now two years in a row that we talked and both times it's after he's had a few beers. So of course i'm thinking, wow he drinks a lot! I'm sure he's thinking the same about me - i guess this applies to almost all the folks at the post-nat'ls party! hahaha.
USA had a woman on the podium at Masters Worlds as well - Katrina Baumsteiger. Some other Americans who rode superbly are Lillian Pfluke (4th), Kevin Hines (6th) and Will Black (9th.) Well done!


Anonymous said...

Pindanooten, Good luck for World Champs. Hey, speaking of World Champs, obviously whatever you whispered to Johan the other day made quite an impression. My guess: "If only you had given up meat and dairy in 2004, Johan, you wouldn't have needed to . . . "
-- E.C. Chamberlain

PEANUT said...

No, I said, "Johan Baby, I'll do you if you come clean."

Lorri Lee Lown -- velogirl said...

good luck at worlds, Christine!

Anonymous said...

Lol ... It's not my fault if it was the same song for a long moment ! Hihi ...
I hope in 2007 we will continue to go together to the competitions ...
And in my blog there also are some pictures of both.

gewilli said...

hey CV...

did ya catch this story? i'm sure its big/old news over there by now

he did all that just so you'd do him?