Friday, January 5, 2007

OK, now what about USA riders who ALSO pay their own way to Worlds!!!

Many people are not aware of the little known fact that USA riders must pay their own expenses once they are named to the Worlds' team. We are charged $1500 to participate in the race. This covers housing, food, team clothes, and mechanical support. I am sure that USA Cycling wishes they had the $$ to cover us. Those with whom i interact at USA Cycling are great folks but, regardless, the funds are just not there. Pity.

Read the story below:

Canadian cyclo-cross team to Cycling Center

The twelve members of the Canadian cyclo-cross team, who last week posted a public plea for financial assistance, have found support thanks to the Cycling Center in Belgium. The Canadian Cycling Association does not currently support the 'cross team, and riders were faced with paying for their own travel and accomodations.

The Cycling Center in Hertsberge will host the team for the weeks preceding the world cyclo cross championships in Hooglede-Gits, Belgium, which take place on 27th and 28th January.

Along with housing, the Cycling Center will provide logistical support as well as team cars, vans and support crew. The Center in Herstberge is in the heart of the Belgian cycling mecca of Flanders. Their Belgian 'home away from home' will give the team a calm and comfortable setting in which to prepare for the championships.


Anonymous said...

USA cycling sucks - they don't really help women at all unless they are a roadie or on the track

Anonymous said...

TONS! of CV pics...

check out the thumbnail pages 1-8 of:

Has to be 20+ great fav:

wet..muddy..tired..rolling hills...grumpy old much more euro can you get?


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hmmm...cut off my fav: