Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sven Nys is amazing...

They split the guys up into two heats. The top guys from each heat are then joined for the finals.

I only got to watch the finals. What a spectacle. I watched Sven just toy with the other pros - wow, what physical prowess. He got a tiny gap a couple of times but sat up and waited for the others to come back. Then, with about two micro laps to go (1km/lap), he took off with Niels Albert. On the last lap, Sven smoked cigarettes until just before the man-made mini dirt rollers where he attacked and immediately got a gap on Niels. Then he finished the job in the long sand pit. He rode it as if it were pavement. Truly amazing to see. A few seconds later, down the finishing straight he went for the win.

Jonathan Page was also present. It looked like he was just there for the fun of it and wasn't busting a gut. But even so, he still placed 5th in the super fast finals. What an amazing recovery. I bet he'll score another top 10 at Worlds.

My guess is that there were about 2,500 spectators present for the FIRST EVER Indoor Cyclocross Race. They were treated to everything that the outdoor courses offer - and more! There was a beer garden, waffle and frites stands, and promo giveaways. Oh, and there were spotlights and discolights adding to the party atmosphere. Races started at about 7pm and the place was still crowded at midnight when we left. My race was at 9:45 and the mens finals was at 10:30pm. This was a first indoor race AND bedtime race for me, if you don't count the races i've done shortly after flying multiple time zones.
Speaking of....I'm now off to bed.


Anonymous said...

"This was a first indoor race AND bedtime race for me..." AND how did you do? ; ) I'd love to hear more about what is was like to ride this course... said...

mmm ... air conditioned racing.

Velo Bella said...

that is just soooo damn cool