Saturday, February 3, 2007

My favorite show in the world!

few months ago, i watched a belgian show called Robland. The episode i saw was hilarious. Rob (host of Robland) barricaded a random small town in belgium (the land of small towns) so nobody can enter. As the residents pulled up to the barriers to get back home, Rob and his henchmen stopped them to inform them that their town was now called Robland and that they needed a passport to prove they lived in Robland. They actually turned away those without passports!

Next they went door to door to tell all the residents that their town was taken over and is now called robland. At the mandatory town meeting at noon that day, Rob gave a speech announcing he was their new leader. It just went on and on like this - completely over the top humor!!

Here is a photo of a Rob supporter i took at World Championships.

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