Saturday, February 17, 2007

My teammate has a blog!!

One of my Pruneaux D'Agen teammates just started a blog! She is Tiina Nieminen of Finland. Now you have TWO places to go to follow the life of a Prune!

Tomorrow I leave for Agen (southwest France) for Team Presentation and training camp! If i have internet access, I'll keep my blog updated with all the crazy stories that come out of putting a bunch of women together for an extended period of time! If the rest of the gals are as cool as tiina, I expect it will surely be a week to remember!


Patty said...

I hope your train ride went well. Hope you have fun at training camp! Mom said...

follow the life of a Prune?

... is that, like, post-modern Victorianism?

Anonymous said...

Hey Peanut, when will you start posting in three languages? ; ) Tim

Anonymous said...

hey tim
Funny enough, i was called upon by my team webmaster to translate a long email he just received from a belgian in flemish. I scored an A+ shockingly enough: I guess i shocked myself. i didnt realize how much flemish I had picked up while living here - or there since i am writing from south of france.

Anonymous said...

Please extend my compliments to Elodie for the guts and style to have posed in the team group photo wearing-- if I am not mistaken-- Chuck Taylor high-tops. Fabulous!
-- E.C. Chamberlain